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Our Vineyard

Pennyweight Winery is comprised of two certified organic/biodynamic, dry land vineyards situated in the Beechworth and Rutherglen wine regions. We, the Morris family at Pennyweight, care for our land and for our customers by producing the highest quality grapes, through natural processes, that allow the full expression of our wines terroir  (expression of local soil and environmental characteristics).


The primary goal of organic production is to optimise the health and productivity of the interdependent communities of earth, plants, animals and people (World Health Organisation). Organics provide you with a clean, fresh, high quality product free from synthetic chemicals, thus ensuring the protection of the environment and the quality of our land for future generations.


Bio-dynamics takes this a step further with the use of preparations to enhance the soil and plants, and tap into the forces of nature.  Biodynamic farmers manage their farms – including paddocks, bushland, wetlands, animals and people – as an interconnected whole, full of dignity and life. To learn more about bio-dynamics, visit the link below.